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Monday, March 23rd, 2009
1:44 pm
Heroes tonight
So honestly I've missed the past couple of episodes (2 I think) but today's is being heralded as special since Bryan Fuller scripted it. Anything I really need to know, or I'll figure it out from the "previously on Heroes" (or I'm probably going to muss this one too cause I'm just not putting effort into it...)

Is anyone still watching/enjoying the show?

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Monday, February 23rd, 2009
10:08 pm
I feel like venting
still watching out of habbit. I actually drew a line and said if Daphne was still dead by the next episode I was going to stop watching.

Matt and Mohinder really suck. BTW what the hell happened to Molly while all this was going on?

Current Mood: bitter
Friday, December 19th, 2008
10:16 am
So Volume 3 is now ended, and we have over a month of Heroes vacation.

To those that have not given up, what are your thoughts?

In all, without giving anything away, I'm feeling okay about how things stand. The past few episodes have been more concise, and give me a sense of closure for certain questions.

Of course, I have absolutely NO idea which time line we're actually in, considering all the flash forwards we have seen, after this Volume finale, I don't know if this means that some of those absolutely do not exist, or if this all is still part of the grand scheme of things.
Thursday, December 4th, 2008
3:53 pm
So? Whatcha thinking?
This wee community has been quiet for a while, and I suppose understandably so. The magic of Season One has gone and the writer's strike put some extra bumps in the road... But I'm feeling alright after the last two episodes, and wanted to know what you all were thinking.

My only comment is that I can do without some of that soap-opera-rolling-around-making-out stuff...

But other than that...

Best. Day. Ever.
Friday, November 7th, 2008
5:20 pm
bad news, good news
I like Pushing Daisies but if you had to look for a silver lining...

Exclusive: 'Pushing Daisies' creator Bryan Fuller says he might return to 'Heroes'

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Monday, October 13th, 2008
10:11 pm
Open ended question.

Spew your thoughts everyone.
Monday, October 6th, 2008
11:06 pm
Thoughts anyone?
So, just to open the floor, what are people's thoughts so far?

For me, the series was warming up until tonight... when I was just floored and I'm committed and hooked again. I was worried because the first couple of episodes felt like gratuitous exposition and I would have rather had the story unfold in a different, perhaps slower manner.

More specific (spoiler) comments behind the cut, and in no particular order.

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Friday, July 18th, 2008
2:21 pm
Are people looking at these? Does anyone want me to stop?

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Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
1:51 pm
Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
12:49 pm
Teaser, new Hero

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Tuesday, June 24th, 2008
2:40 pm
Saturday, December 15th, 2007
9:57 pm
Another sign Heroes is going downhill
Time travel is a sticky wicket.  Anything done can be undone.... at least usually.  Really depends on the mythology of the world and what rules they choose to follow.  So Heroes now has:
Two characters that can time travel - Ability to undo just about anything the writers want
Three characters that can heal - Ability to undo character death 
One character who can make scenes in you head feel like reality - Ability to give us endless JR Ewing moments

There's too many reset buttons in this very tiny universe of characters.
Tuesday, December 4th, 2007
8:24 pm
Monday, December 3rd, 2007
10:01 pm
Tuesday, November 13th, 2007
9:05 pm
Youtube posting
Okay since no one said anything about this week's episode, I'm re-posting what ariasteposted today.  
Some of you know Cara, so you've already seen it.  Or maybe you don't know her and you've seen it anyway.
Either way, it's tons of fun.

It's a youtube account, vids posted by Adrian Pasdar.

As for this week's episode, Kristen Bell is creepy.
The rest of it, I'm still mulling over.

Current Mood: amused
Friday, November 9th, 2007
10:14 am
Monday, November 5th, 2007
10:02 pm
Thursday, November 1st, 2007
7:48 am
So either what I said was so ridiculous that no one commented, or everyone agrees.
Tuesday, October 30th, 2007
2:16 pm
I should totally be studying...
More things to think on...

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9:24 am
Ok, people... who's got thoughts on the episode?

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